One Win Basketball Camp Participants Express Gratitude To US Embassy As It Ends

One Win Basketball Camp participants


As the activities ended last weekend, participants for the three-month long One Win Basketball Camp in Kaduna have expressed their gratitude to the American Embassy in Nigeria for the support given them through facilitation of their camp.

“We are told that the American Embassy in this country facilitates this camp of which we have to have to be profoundly grateful to them for bringing us together to enjoy the game of Basketball”.

“We have been coached and mentored throughout the three months here at the Federal Cooperative College”, they added.

The over two hundred female participants mostly students on holiday were taken through the rudiments of the game of basketball and academic classes through out the camp period and girls were drawn across the state.

The Camp Coordinator, Mr James Fungen described the camp as a success, saying the girls showed a lot of commitment  while in the camp. “you can see for yourselves that even those who find it difficult to hold on to the ball initially, now can play and even dribble”.

“I must say that they had perfect time in the camp and have shown character and lot of determination to learn, i must therefore congratulate them for the opportunity they had and we must also say big thank you to those supporting the program like the US Embassy”, he added.

According to the Coordinator, the girls were thought  the basic of how to play basketball as beginners and to be discipline on court, “and have demonstrated readiness to learn on their first day”.

The Founder and Chief Executive Director, One Win Basketball Foundation, Christiana Nnorom Mark aka Coach Carter described as successful the three months camp, saying the objectives have been achieved.

“the three months camp was a follow up to the earlier camp which lasted for two months and during their stay in the camp we’ve been able to mentored them and letting them know how best to explore their potential in life” And they are putting everything in place to make he girls stand out among their peers, she added.

“At the moment we are all together extremely happy with their parents for channelling their energy positively during their school holidays”.

The convener of the camp, coach Carter thanked the American Embassy for it support extended to realized the aims of the camp.

The One Win Basketball Foundation Executive Director said next in the line of activities of the foundation would be a joined boys and girls camp after several appeals to actualize that so as to give a sense of belonging to the young generation.

“I must therefore, appeal to basketball stakeholders for a support and the US Embassy for more help towards complementing government drive to realize its youth development policy thrust.

She thanked the coaches and others who contributed towards the success of the camp particularly, the parents.


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