Nigerian Youth Should Stop Playing Second Class Role – Integra Leadership Foundation

Comrade Bode Oladitan, DG Integra Leadership Foundation ILF
Comrade Bode Oladitan the Director General, Integra Leadership Foundation (ILF), a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), is championing the cause of motivating the Youth to realise their potentials as leaders of ‘today’.
According to him, if notable people in the Bible like Joseph and David could attain a leadership status at age 30 and were successful, he said,  Nigerian  youth should stop playing the second class role.
Comrade Oladitan who made the charge during an interactive session with  media men recently in Oshogbo, the Osun State capital, expressed his readiness to take up the challenge of contesting the Presidential race by 2019.
According to him, if Sebastian Kurz at age 31 could win a Presidential election in Austria by December 28, 2017 to become the World’s youngest President, nothing stops him from becoming the President of Nigeria by 2019.
He however noted that the bar which has been raised in Austria for electing  a 31 years old man as its leader could be repeated in Nigeria.
He frowned at the rate at which ” our youths are contented with being ass lickers, praise singers and Special Assistants  (SAs) on social media in  Nigeria”.
 Youths elsewhere, he said are disrupting the status quo, pushing for innovation, changing the narrative and pushing for the new frontier. 
His words, “From Facebook to Snapchat and Taxify, these tech giants were founded by millennials  who are youths”, adding that Mark Zukerberg is just 32 years old and the youngest billionaire in the world.
He recalled that Joseph and David in the Bible mounted the throne at about age 30, while a 31 years old man in Nigeria  is probably in his parents house,unemployed and broke, eating free food and not bothered.
He expressed his discomfort and “weep for our youths many of whom are wasting away forgetting that time waits for no one”.
Oladitan how ever blamed the situation on Nigeria saying, ” the condition in Nigeria is not helping matters though  and then my generation is not ready to push for change”.


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