Nigerian Leaders, Public Office Holders Must Be Accountable In Public Duties – Future Minds Initiative

Managing Director of Future Minds Development Initiative, Dr Tunde Ali addressing a press conference in Ibadan on Tuesday.

By: BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Managing Director of Future Minds Development Initiative, medical Dr. Tunde Ali on Tuesday stressed that Nigerian leaders and  public office holders need to be  accountable in their public duties.

Dr Ali stated this while addressing a press conference on activities lined up for the official launching of his book titled: “Accountable Nigeria” slated for this Thursday at the Ibadan Civic Centre.Ibada.

The Medical Doctor pointed out that it was unfortunate that many Nigerian leaders and and  public office holders are not  accountable in their public duties since many of their followers lack access to information through which they can be tracked.

According to Dr Ali, the high rate of mis-governance in Nigeria had  led to low productivity in economy, as well as, alarming rise in socio-political maladies, stressing that.

“There is the urgent need to re-orientate Nigerians on the need to have access to information through which they can make their leaders accountable to them and by so doing reduce wastes, as well as, curb corrupt practices”, he said

On the  book titled: “Accountable Nigeria”, Dr Ali stressed that it is aimed at identifying and calling to order “our political office holders who are not aliens nor are they foreigners from another land or country. “

” The “Accountable Nigeria” recognises an old traditional form of accountability. We need to use this legal but centuries old powerful tool in making these systems accountable to us as a people while we manage the tools ourselves”.

Speaking further, he added  that the the Future Minds Development Initiative is working towards establishing a portal where every Nigerian can have access, (especially students in primary and secondary schools, Ministries, parastatals).

Dr Ali maintained  that, “this will provide information access to them; enable citizen engagement, as well as, encourage citizen participation and empowerment, saying, “accountability is not only in government agencies like ICPC or EFCC, but in people in totality”.

“We need to empower our regular Para leaders including those in the civil service, judiciary, police, military, community, and even religious leaders. They are critical in our demise or progress as a people and as a society, and so they must be held accountable in their services to us. When many of them need our votes, they make promises. If they get to offices, many of them renege. Through access to information network that we are going to put in place, they will be easily made accountable in their services to us”.


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