Niger Govt Makes U-turn, To Complete Babangida Aliyu’s Projects

Babangida Aliyu
The present administration in Niger State may have recanted it’s earlier vows not to look at some of the uncompleted projects left behind by the immediate government before as it appears now to have changed gear.
It has now said that it will  complete the projects embark upon by the immediate regime it succeeded.
The All Progressives Congress led administration in the state under governor Abubakar Sani Bello had repeatedly before now said that the present administration in the state would only consider the projects that could have direct impact on the citizens in the state.
It had singled out abandoned projects left behind by the erstwhile civilian administration between 1999 and 2007 as projects of preference which would be placed priority list to be considered.
But the state’s Deputy Governor, Ahmed Mohammed Ketso stated on Friday that the administration would now look at some of the projects it inherited from it’s predecessor in office such as the Minna City Centre project which the present administration had vowed not to go near even with a long pole.
Part of the Minna City Centre projects include the construction of a tower building in the heart of the city, a mega Shoprite shopping centre adjoining the high rise tower building among edifices at the centre of the city where the Minna central market once stood before it was demolished and relocated elsewhere.
Ahmed Mohammed Ketso said on Friday while receiving members of the campaign team for governor Abubakar Sani Bello in his office that the government would now consider the Minna City Centre project begun by the last administration in the state.
In what appears as the administration’s volta face, the state government has recanted it’s earlier stance not to look at some of the projects embarked upon by it’s predecessor.
The Deputy Governor said the administration would now develop and complet the Minna City Centre project and all other projects inherited from the immediate past administration which would add values to the citizens in the state.
He disclosed that modalities were already in the works to complete such projects in parts of the state for the good of all.
Some of the high profile projects left behind, uncompleted, by the last administration in the state also include the construction of a Five Star hotel, the three arms zones to house the three arms of government, (an area with huge complex for the legislature, the judiciary and the executive arms), the cultural centre, the Minna Airport city project and a dry inland port in the heart of the city.
He said the present administration had so far invested billions of naira in education, health care delivery, roads and infrastructure provision, agriculture, water supply, security and other spheres for the comfort and well being of all citizens in the state.
Ahmed Mohammed Ketso told the Lolo Twice Youth Forum which has been campaigning for the reelection of governor Sani Bello for a second term in office that government was mindful of what is good for the state and citizens.


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