Niger Delta Militants Threaten To Resume Attack Over Alleged Marginalization

Muhammadu Buhari


A group of ex-militants codenamed Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators has threatened to launch an attack on the facilities of multi-national oil companies operating in Akwa Ibom State, alleging marginalization of their communities.

Spokesman of the group, General John Duku in a statement made available to newsmen in Uyo decried what they described as injustice, neglect, marginalization and the untold hardship the oil companies operating in the state have meted out to the people.

According to the statement, the agitators urged all multinational oil companies in Akwa Ibom state to relocate from the area or risk attack on their facilities.

The agitators alleged that the oil companies had been in the business of exploiting oil from their communities for over 30 years yet denied them of Corporate Social Responsibilities, in the area of Scholarship, Employment and Empowerment for its host communities.

“All these multinational oil and serving companies do not have even a liaison office in the state, 90% of their workforce are not indigenes of the state, the remaining 10% they pick from Akwa Ibom are placed under contract with meager payment without any entitlement, it is also noted that none of these companies’ representatives deem it necessary to visit their host communities, this is satanic act and we shall handle it the way and manner they will feel the same pain that communities have been passing through.

“Worst still is the fact that Oriental Energy Resources management boast that with the personal relationship of the Managing Director, Alhaji Muhammed Indimi as an In-law to President Muhammadu Buhari, the company and its assets are untouchable, thus he can do whatever he likes.

“From our findings, we observed that the Community Affairs Department in all these Multinational Oil Companies are in the business of conniving with Traditional Rulers, Community Leaders and some government officials, to fraudulently steal, embezzle and criminally defraud the Core Oil Producing Communities of money meant for community development and every other benefits that should have accrued to the oil producing communities”.

“The situation is the same in all the core oil producing LGAs of the State, the worst is the situation we met at Effiat Coastal Communities of Mbo LGA, Amadaka in Eastern Obolo LGA, Ibeno LGA, Esit Eket LGA and many others. We therefore call on the government to ensure the withdrawal of certificates of these criminal Traditional Rulers.

“Recalled that during the height of crisis in the Niger Delta region, Akwa Ibom State was peaceful, that is why these Multinational Oil & Services companies are taking undue advantage on the people of the state as there is peace in the region. It is well noted that the remote causes of the Niger Delta struggles for emancipation are injustice, neglect and marginalization’’.

‘’The Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators hereby vows to do everything possible to ensure the total liberation of Akwa Ibom people by any means necessary until total justice is achieved for  the vulnerable and downtrodden people’’.

“We shall immediately commence mobilization of all the key actors in this struggle, including all the militant groups to Akwa Ibom State in order to surmount these evil companies from the state. We shall ensure total shut down of all flow-stations, all the oil vessels would be attacked (this is “OPERATION DELIVER AKWA IBOM CAMPAIGN”)

”We promise that very soon we shall release the video of our findings for the whole world to see the level of injustice and marginalization these multinational oil companies have caused to their host communities and therefore call on the President to call his in law, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi to order, Nigerians voted you to protect lives and property not to protect Indimi, enough of this injustice’’ the statement added.


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