Moral Upbringing In Nigeria Very Low – Emir


The Emir of Zamfaran Anka Alhaji Mohammed Attahiru Ahmad has said Nigerian moral upbringing is very low in the Nigerian of today.
He stated this while delivering a speech at the 50th anniversary of Department of Political Science and International Studies, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.
Emir Attahiru lamented on how Nigerians always sight America and copy them while they don’t have the resources like America.
According to him, “we have neglected our rules and tradition, again we leave our people to migrate to the urban areas only to come home when there are ceremonies.
“We should return to the local areas and develop the areas to avoid people from migrating from their locality”.
He said most crimes are committed by migrants, that is why the issues of the Almajiris must be addressed.
The Emir observed that the elites, politicians and leadership in Nigeria are being blackmailed and intimidated by extremists, if not for their blackmail and intimidation, they wouldn’t have allowed the movement of the Malams to urban areas who move with their Almajiris which along the line will temper with the security and socioeconomic wellbeing of the nation.
“There are a lot of security implications in the movement of the Almajiris as so many doctrines are coming. I have been interacting with them as the world is becoming a global village when things are happening around you within a second it reaches  many places”.
Emir Attahiru queried, “why can’t the Malams stay in their respective places and teach these children instead of moving with them to urban areas to beg for their living in the name of learning Islamic knowledge?”


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