Minna Depot Fire Won’t Affect Fuel Supply, NNPC Assures

NNPC Towers
By; BALA B.  BITRUS, Minna
The authorities at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC) has assured that the fire incident at the corporation’s depot located at Pago area of the state, about twenty four kilometres to the state capital, Minna, will not affect supply of petrol to the state and it’s adjunct catchment states.
NNPC’s Director incharge of Pipelines and Farm tanks, Luke Annello said the corporation has put auxiliary plans to bridge supply to the state and all other states in the catchment areas who depend on the Pago depot for their routine supplies.
The corporation said it’s technical experts and fire investigators have arrived at the depot and had already begun carrying out investigations on the fire outbreak at the depot.
Luke Annele said the corporation has deployed it’s personnel to the area to clean up the oil spill in the area particularly on farmlands and bushes where locals had aggravated the oil spill by scooping fuel from the broken pipeline as well as what gushed out from one of the farm tanks at the depot during the fire.
He said the clean up would be done by the experts from the corporation. “All the oil spill would be cleaned up to guarantee environmental safety and good health to all those living around the vicinity of the depot so that normal life activities could continue without any health threat” he said.
In a related development, governor Abubakar Sani Bello has commiserated with the residents of Pago area over the unfortunate fire incident at the NNPC Pago depot where several people were believed to have injured at the scene of the broken pipeline and farmlands were destroyed by the fire.
The governor also extended same sympathy to the management of the NNPC and staffers at the corporation’s depot over last Sunday’s fire incident describing the incident as unfortunate.
He assured that the state government would ensure adequate medical treatnent to all victims of the pipeline fire incident in government health centres in the state. The governor expressed gratitude to God that no life was lost in the incident. Scores of persons who had dared the fire while scooping fuel at the broken pipeline are believed to have received burns even as many of them are hiding from authorities over fears of being penalized by government for scooping the fuel which sparked off the fire at the depot.
Several of them are believed to be receiving local treatments for burns in traditional medicines and nursing homes in Paiko, Minna and other villages around.
The governor while symphatising with the victims, however advised residents to put in place safety measures to avert fire in the future. He warned citizens in the area who had scooped fuel from the broken pipeline and had hidden the products at home to remove horded fuel from hideouts to avoid another round of fire disaster in the area.


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