Minimum Wage: Labour Unions Order Ekiti Workers To Embark On Strike

Buhari and Fayose


Workers in the employ of Ekiti State Government have been directed by the leadership of the organized labour in the state to join the nationwide strike declared by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC)  to press for new National Minimum Wage.

The strike was declared by NLC and TUC , which was believed to have a binding force on all their affiliates to press the Federal and State Governments to accede to their requests for a new Minimum Wage for ‎workers across the country.

The labour confirmed to newsmen in Ado Ekiti,the state capital on  Tuesday that the strike action will affect both the  public and private sectors.

The directive that workers , including commercial drivers, Okada operators, banks, market men and women should stay  off businesses was given by the State Chairmen of TUC, Com Odunayo Adesoye and his counterpart in NLC, Com. Ade Adesanmi, in the state capital.

The TUC boss, who spoke on behalf of the labour leaders, said the strike action will be total in Ekiti, saying the body had already
entered into agreement with Civil Society Organisations to ensure its success.

He said the leaderships of the  labour centres in Ekiti had agreed to coalesce and ensure the success of the nationwide strike, which begins 12 midnight on Wednesday.

Adesoye stated that the present Minimum wage to workers had impoverished the workforce, adding that time has come for  workers  to ‎begin to savour the fruits of their labour through a package that could truly take them home.

“The strike action in Ekiti commencing from tomorrow will be total. It is going to be a total paralysis , because  both public and private sectors  will be affected.

“ The banks, commercial drivers, Okada operators and sole business
owners will participate in this strike. We have reached out to the
Civil Society Organisations  to ensure will mobilize for the strike.

“We are not going to shy away from picketing areas  that fail to
conform with our directive as given from Abuja.

“This is a fight that has to do with our collective destiny. We must
ensure that our commonwealth should be evenly distributed. It
shouldn’t be  concentrated  in the hands of a few Nigerian leaders to
begin to feed fat on the nation.

“What  they said they are giving us is a take home, but what we are getting cannot take us half home in the real sense of it, so we must demand for a fair share of our national treasure.

“By tomorrow in Ekiti, we direct all workers in the private and public sectors to stay at home”, Adesoye directed.


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