Makarfi Warns PDP Against Mergers, APC

Senator Ahmed Makarfi



Former Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Ahmed Makarfi has forwarded reasons for People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) position of not merging with another political party.

He said if PDP is not cautious, the process of  merging with other political parties would give the   ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) an edge to hurt and render PDP completely irrelevant.
The former Governor observed that APC may end up shutting PDP out of 2019 elections.
  In an interview with newsmen, the former governor  analysed  “merger is a technical issue…except if we simplify it by legislation. This government has the way it works, if you play into its hands, it will extinguish you  because before you merge, you have to dissolve as a political party   and surrender your licenses”.
“If you do that and the government interferes with INEC and they don’t approve for you,even if you go to court, it would take a long time, by that time, may be elections are over, he analysed.
The Senator further explained that one has to observe the powers that be   whether it is an open, democratic  government    else one would fall into an inescapable trap.


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