Lagos Judiciary Plans Innovation On Prison Decongestion, Child Rights Law



Lagos State Judiciary has disclosed its planned innovation for the decongestion of prisons and child rights law.

It said there is plan to set up Restorative Justice Centres throughout the state for the promotion of decongestion of prisons.

The State’s Chief Judge, Justice Opeyemi Oke, stated this while highlighting goals and areas for judicial reforms her administration intends to undertake in the transformation of the State’s judiciary.

She expressed hope that those judicial innovations will strengthen public confidence in the Lagos State judiciary.

The chief judge also said that  her leadership is collaborating with relevant bodies on Child Rights law and regulations.

“Lagos State government and Lagos State Judiciary are actively involved with UNICEF, British Council and the European Union together with Professor Dame Carolyne Hamilton and Dr. Wilfred Mamah  in reforms towards effective implementation of Child’s Rights legislation and regulations in this regard,”Oke said.

According to her, “there is Chief Judge’s Technical Committee on Child’s Justice” in the Lagos State judiciary.  


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