Key Stakeholder Challenges FG On Environmental Management



The President of the Society for Conservation and Sustainability of
Energy and Environment (SOCSEEN) in Nigeria, Dr. Uzodinma Adirieje,
has challenged the Federal and state Governments to evolve cleaner
energy policies and practices to stem the tempo of indoor and outdoor
air pollutions in the country.

According to him, this, would inwardly save millions of lives such as
deaths that arise from clashes between the herdsmen and farmers in
some parts of the country.

The president, while chatting with newsmen in Owerri on Tuesday, decried
government’s poor attitude to environmental management and climate

He further  lamented  that this ugly trend,  more often than not
inhibits acquisition of western education by children.

“The government should do something about this, regardless of climate
change and environmental condition and we must take increased measure
to protect our natural resources and avoid water pollution”.

Additionally, the Environmental Management Expert contended that the
government should invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency and
to work towards ensuring that the citizenry has access to clean
affordable energy sources to achieve the Sustainable Development

SOCSEEN he said is now leading this partnership that involves
Duzafound and Afrihealth optonet Association which are partners in
Environment and Energy concern in the Niger Delta region and the
nation at large, environmental protection, sustainable energy,
renewable energy and issues pertaining to climate action, biodiversity
and sustainable environ, sustainable cities and sustainable country,
issues of clean water sanitation and waste management.

He warned that when all these are not properly mitigated, managed and
prevented, it results in increased poverty and hunger among the
people, poor health, increase in illness/sickness and disease, thereby
promoting gender inequality-premature death, frequent clashes between
herdsmen and farmers increase in mortality of more of the eco system.

“If the dams in the North are used for irrigation, it will contain
unbridled migration and destruction of lives and properties.

Our poor attitude to Environmental Management, energy deficiency,
renewable energy sources, waste water management including forest
management, plastic pollution which are not degradable and poor
attitude to Eco system kill our people and plants and cause
uncontrolled migration with community clashes”.

While urging the government to take urgent steps to reduce the adverse
effects of Environmental hazards and energy, Adirieje also stressed
the need for the government to promote green growth environment to
create jobs that would contribute to restoring our environment.

“There is the need for the provision of infrastructure that would
protect livelihood against Environment and natural disaster.

The government, in his opinion should find a way to manage waste water
and recycle it to protect our people from the threat of climate change
and environmental pollution and  encourage Nigerians to take action
against climate change because we cannot make any meaningful progress
without embracing modern technology to mitigate the impact of climate
change. There should be deliberate policy of afforestation as opposed
to deforestation in the country.


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