Kano Farmers Commence Season After Heavy Downpour

Map of Kano State


Farmers in Kano State has commenced this year’s season with heavy rainfall accross the state, where urban migrants returned to their respective villages and towns for farming as usuall every year.

Our correspondent visited some locations where farmers were busy preparing lands and ridges, while others used animal traction to cultivate their farmlands and only few afford machieneries due to economic challenges.

Most of the places visited by New Nigerian have been planted with millet, sorghum, maize, cowpea and other vegatables like tomatoes, pepper, amaranthus,  onion and melon depending on the crop types of every area because there is lands variations and fertilty.

Malam Usman Waddau said that this year’s season has come with heavy rainfall, while the farmers are ready to plant different types of food and cash crops for economic development, self-reliance and answering the present administration’s call on food security.


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