Kaduna PDP’s Shameful Politics Of Fake News, Forgery Will Be Defeated – el-Rufai

Governor Nasir el-Rufai


The All Progressives Congress (APC), Kaduna Campaign Council has declared that it is apparent to everyone that the PDP does not have any positive agenda.

“Since they are unable to offer the Kaduna people any credible programme, the PDP is desperately clinging to fake news, forgery, and mudslinging.”

In a signed statement made available to newsmen by Director, Media and Publicity Directorate, Samuel Aruwan, Kaduna State APC Campaign Organization on Thursday, said “the PDP has repeatedly exposed itself as the party of violence, rigging and division.

“Their latest gimmick of circulating a fake memo alleging payments to certain Imams is part of their addiction to everything unholy.

“The memo attributed to the Director General (Interfaith) is not only fake but laughable. We pity a party that is so short of ideas that they have adopted fake news and forgery as their manifesto.

“This will fail because Kaduna people have rejected the poor legacy of the PDP’s 16 years in power.

“The APC Kaduna Campaign Council notes that the PDP could not disassociate itself from repeated incitement to violence by their spokesman.

“Also, their very weak candidate has been talking of the content that were eventually contained in the fake documents they are circulating, showing that the PDP is the instigator of the forgery.

“The PDP candidate is a guy around whom the stench of incompetence oozes so badly that many PDP members are leaving the party.

“People are defecting from the PDP because they are embarrassed by the utter absence of quality in their candidate.

“The integrity deficit of the the PDP candidate is so glaring, but they cannot answer the critical issues about why their candidate is simply unable to command the confidence of people of integrity. Nobody is going to waste their vote on such a fellow.

“The APC is implementing a programme of Putting People First in Kaduna State. The people can see it in the schools, roads, hospitals that the APC has built.

“The people know who is creating jobs, who completed Zaria Water and is standing resolutely against violence and the politics of ethno-religious division.

“The APC has rightly earned and upheld the trust of the people. We are running on our record of performance.

“The ordinary people of Kaduna State know that we are working for them. They will speak loudly with their votes. The APC is very grateful to the people of Kaduna State for keeping faith with our party. We thank them profoundly.”


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