Kaduna Central: We Will Speak Truth To Power, Reclaim Our Mandate – Shehu Sani

Distinguished Senator Shehu Sani
Senator representing Kaduna Central, Distinguished Senator Shehu Sani has said that he would not be cowed by the powers that be and will challenge his mandate of the February 23 National Assembly polls at the tribunal, optimistic that he will get victory.
He expressed this on Monday April 15, 2019 during a press conference at his Kaduna residence, when reacting to recent development at the tribunal.
“I am not one who would remain silent when I have seen deliberate efforts to  subvert my mandate freely given by people of Kaduna Central.
” if you know you are fair, what you have done the right thing and what you did was a true reflection of the people of Kaduna Central, why would the personal lawyer of the Kaduna State Governor,  be engaged by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The lawyer remains personal lawyer to gov el-Rufai I would prove that I am the winner of Kaduna Central.
“Nothing will silence us from truth, we will speak truth to power and make sure we reclaim our mandate,” he said.
The Senator said that they would have contested the hiring of the personal lawyer of the governor by INEC, but have decided not to, because of the limited time available to the tribunal.
“We know tribunal has 90 days, we will go to prove that my votes were not counted, my votes were suppressed and the declaration made was against all principles of justice and fairness.
“If you are popular, why must INEC recruit a personal lawyer to you. Could it be a coincidence. I have four cases of libel and defamation and in all four cases, it is the same lawyer and one of you Idibia is being sued by the governor it is the same lawyer.
 “If you look at all the cases even when the governor was FCT minister, he was represented by same lawyer,” he said.
Shehu Sani challenged INEC to prove its independence by being fair.
“If  the I in INEC s truly I, they should do the eight thing. The process of challenging the legality of this personal counsel will eat into our time within 90  days life span of tribunal but we will  bring it to the notice of the public. It is an ethical issue,” he stressed.
Continuing, he wondered why INEC had to settle for A.U. Mustapha and Co to represent it at the tribunal.
“Out of all lawyers in Nigeria, INEC could not get a lawyer, but a personal lawyer to the governor?” He queried.
He said that he was bringing the development to the notice of the public through the media, so that they can on their own judge if the decision was a noble one.
“This should serve as a guide when you cover the cases in court. There are two courts in life, court of justice and court of public opinion. The public would be able to know whether INEC has really been an independent body or not,” he said.


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