Join Politics To Save Nigeria From Bad Leadership, Bishop Urges Christians

Members of First Baptist Church Warri protest killing of Christians in Nigeria on Sunday.
The absence of good men in politics leaves bad men in charge of the conducts of all. The Bishop of Minna Diocese, (Anglican Communion), Rt. Rev. Daniel Yisa has said.
He said in Minna that Christians must wake up from their present nonchalant, apolitical attitudes and be actively involved in partisan politics or risk being ruled by challants, mediocres and corrupt politicians.
The senior Anglican clergy tasked Christians to participate fully in next year’s general elections even as he noted that the current crop of politicians in the country were selfseeking persons who only think more of themselves but not about Nigerians.
He argued that the only way to push such self centred persons who are in government including those in corridors of powwr out of public office was for all good men to participate in politics and contest for public offices.
Bishop Yisa advised Christians to align with politicians of like minds in faith and character and join forces with them to vote out such self seeking politicians and give the country its desired leaders.
Bishop Yisa spoke at the 10th Synod of St. Peter’s Cathedral Church in Minna. In his charge to the 1st session, Bishop Yisa said it was saddenning to note that many Christians were apolitical and carefree about politics and partisan politics.
He described such disposition as backward thinking attitudes which he noted is not only foolish but dangerous and self destructive.
Bishop Yisa said such illiteracy and poor understang of politics amongst Christians was responsible for what was going on in Nigeria today where certain people from particular religion assume the roles of deciders in government and load themselves over others because they are in politics and seize everything that comes through politics as active political players.
Bishop Yisa who spoke on the theme “Can Politics and Religion Mix; Christian Perspective”, blamed the Church for wrongly misleading Christians in the past to shun politics and partisanship.
He argued that the Bible as the word of God is not against politics. “There is no biblical inhibitions stopping Christians from voting or for being voted for in any public office or positions in this country” he said.
He lamented that such skewed misconception had pushed Nigerian Christians to the backdoor in national scheme adding that such misconceptions restricts Christians to play second fiddle roles in the country.
Bishop Yisa argued that the era of playing second class citizenship was now over. He encouraged adherents of the Christian faith in Nigeria to come out of their cocoons and be involved in politics. “Christians must be actively involved in politics. Our politicians must allow God to lead them for the good of man and country because according to him, “leaders must be ordained by God”.
The Clergy further lamented that “Nigerian politicians were practicing aggrandisement and kleptomania. “They are only calling it democracy because that is what they painted it to be but the truth is that the system is the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer” he said.
He argued that whereas true democracy is all about good governance devoid of self centredness, what is in practice in Nigeria is a system that does not accord equal opportunity to all nor make things better for every Nigerians irrespective of religious, tribal and political affiliations.
Bishop Yisa however said that there were still few people in the present government who are God fearing and are not selfseeking. He therefore encouraged Christians to align with the God fearing politicians among the crop of politicians in the country to rescue Nigeria from bad p and imminent destruction.
“I will call on Christian politicians in Nigeria to join hands with God fearing politicians in other faith so that the country can be better of. Absence of good men in leadership positions leaves bad men to decide the faith of all. Good governance is made by good people who make active participation in politics ane create pathways for making inpacts on the lives of citizens.”


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