Honouring Bashir Tofa Is Our Own Collective  Mandate – Nasir Muktar

Alhaji Baahir Othman Tofa.


 The  national honour that was awarded  to pressumed  winner of the 1993 presidential election,  Alhaji Bashir Tofa, a current affairs commentator and frontline politician,  Alhaji Nasir Muktar has said that Alhaji Bashir Tofa deserves to be equally  honoured for the role he played in joining the race  though the election was annulled.

He stated this in Kano  while interacting with our correspondent, where he opined that Alhaji Bashir Tofa should also be honoured in order to reward him for contesting the 1993 presidential election  as a Nigerian citizen who has the constitutional right to vie for any office in a country’s  democratic system.

Similarly, Alhaji Nasir Muktar described Bashir Tofa as the only Kano  State  indigene who participated in a well planned presidential election which shows that he deserves to be honoured with his running mate,  Chief Sylvester Ugoh and Professor  Humprey Nwosu who was the chairman of the electoral commission that conducted the election.

Furthermore, Nasir Muktar  disclosed that the said national honour the mandate of Kano  people in general not for Bashir Tofa alone, where he again called on President  Muhammadu Buhari to consider Bashir Tofa as one of the eligible nationalists  that deserves the award simply for the role he played during the 1993 presidential polls like what has been given to his opponent, Chief Abiola as this would serve as equal treatment to both sides.


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