Help Us, Refuse Dump Taking Over Our Road, Kaduna Community Cries Out

Street cleaners captured evacuating refuse along Kachia Road, Sabon Tasha on Thursday October 25, 2018. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS


Residents of Church Road in Banyan Dutse in Narayi, Kaduna have called on the government of the state to come to their rescue as part of the road has been turned into a refuse dump by some people.

Speaking to the New Nigerian, Mr. Balogun Adeyemi a land owner said that the dump outside destroying the road has also made vehicular movement impossible a trend most Nigerians are guilty of.

He was of the view that the people guilty of these acts are ignorant of its implications and therefore, need orientation.

“Most people who dump refuse in drainages, uncompleted buildings and roads no matter how educated, are illiterates, because they don’t know the full implications of their acts.”

Expressing his views and concerns, Mr. Akinbode Samuel whose property is very close to the dump said that the dump has seriously affected the health of his family as he had to spend a collosial amount of money on medical bills.

Mr. Samuel asked the government to use the relevant agencies to come and evacuate the dump and put in place corrective laws and punitive measures to deter people from the act.

“If government put in place corrective laws and punitive measures and prosecute defaulters, people will desist from the act,” he advised.

Government has been advised to come to the end of Church road in Banyan Dutse in, Narayi to see for itself the extent of refuse dumped on the road by some residents of the area.


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