Gov Sani Bello Fumes Over Poor Sanitary Condition Of General Hospital

Governor Sani Bello of Niger State
Appalled by the sudden deterioration in sanitary condition, aesthetics and environmental beauty of the Maternal and Neonatal wing of the Minna General Hospital, governor Abubakar Sani Bello has warned that any health worker who is not willing to do his or her duties well, should be shown the way out.
Governor Sani Bello directed the state’s Commissioner of Health and Health Services, Dr. Jibrin Mohammed Mustapha to keep regular tab on the hospital and ensure that there was no dereliction of duty from any medical health worker at the hospital.
He said anyone engaged to render services by the state government but absconds or refuses to do his own part, should be fired immediately.
The governor was at the hospital to inspect it’s facilities and condition of the environment. However, his unscheduled visit gave him a lot to worry about.
He expressed displeasure over the poor sanitary conditions of the hospital saying “I am highly disappointed with what I saw here today in this hospital” just as he warned that indolent workers at the hospital would be flushed out from the services of the state no matter how highly placed they could be.
The governor who was visibly angry at the unkempt environment, wards and other structures within the hospital, expressed worry at the nonchalant attitudes of civil servants to public facilities especially the poor maintenance culture of healthcare facilities in the state.
He described as abhorable the poor sanitary and deplorable  conditions of the hospital which is just about three years old and warned that the state government would not tolerate such irresponsible and carefree attitudes of workers to their job.
He charged the hospital management to ensure proper and well kept environment henceforth and ensure that priority was given to hygiene. He said good hygienic practices help keep diseases and sicknesses at bay.
“We don’t take care of our public property. I am highly disappointed with what I am seeing here today. Hygiene is paramount. If we embibe good culture of keeping our work places and homes clean, it will checkmate prevalence of diseases, sickness and ill health” he said.
He lamented that If those living in cities and urban centres could not maintain clean and healthy environments and work facilities, only God knows what the rural area will look like.
In a fist of anger, the governor ordered the Commissioner for Health and Health Services, Dr. Jibrin Mustapha to sack anyone that was not ready to work.
“Don’t mind their age, sack anyone that doesn’t want to work. It is not by force to work. You can go, if you want to go” he stressed angrily.
Governor Sani Bello also expressed disappointment at the structural failure of the hospital. He berated the poor quality work done on the facility and expressed fears over the possible fate of the entire structures at the hospital. “In the next two to three years, only God knows what the structure would look like.”
He asked the management board of the hospital to forward to his officethe list of recently retired nurses in the state, those who will be retiring between now and 2019 as well as the number of workers needed to effectively man the Neonatal wing of the hospital.
Chief Medical Director of the centre,
Dr. Aminu Magaji had while conducting the Governor round the wards, explained that inadequate manpower was a major issue in the management of the hospital.
He similarly complained that vast portions of the roofs of the buildings in the hospital were broken and leaks whenever it rains.
The Maternal and Neonatal wing of the Minna General Hospital was constructed by the last administration in the state in its twilight days in office and was only put to use by the present administration in the state
The hospital is equipped with state of the art medical equipment for maternal care and the new born but poor maintenance and poor staffing at the health facilities have remained the centre’s major challenge.


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