Generations For Peace Intensifies Sensitization For Peaceful Coexistence In Conflict Areas


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

A Non-Governmental Organization, Generations for Peace in Kaduna held its advocacy for peace programme dissemination with success stories of increased awareness, tolerance and trust among youth from different religions and ethnic groups understanding themselves on the need for peaceful coexistence in the society.

According to its administrative officer in Nigeria, Mr. Eric John, 250 youth comprising 75 females and 175 males from 10 communities were engaged community members on inter and intra community to respond to conflict constructively.

He explained that the exercise was carried out with the aim of ascertaining the cause of conflicts in the society with a view to increasing youth participation in peace building engagement at community level to enhance peaceful coexistence amongst different religions and tribes in every community.

He added that the peace – building initiatives was gaining ground in conflicts dominated communities through testimonies of beneficiary community members engaged in the inter and intra community peace building initiatives.

Most of the members interviewed expressed their delight to what they and their communities have benefited through the ‘Generations for Peace’ that has brought awareness to the people of different religious backgrounds on the need for people to live in peace with one another.

They also explained that during election period, there is the need for people irrespective of political affiliations to conduct themselves in an orderly manner towards ensuring peaceful coexistence for sustainable development to take place.

Religious and traditional leaders also praised the efforts of the NGO towards bringing youth and the general public together to understand themselves on the need to maintain peace to enable people go about their normal business in order to earn their livings.

Security personnel present at the function commended the efforts of the NGO on bringing different people of different backgrounds together to discuss issues that affect the people with a view to educating the people on the need for harmonious relationship at all times.


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