Fulani Group Begins Peace, Unity Campaign Between Farmers, Herdsmen

BLIMPAN National President, Ali Rimin Dako


The National President, Ballital Marobe Pastoralist Association  (BILMPAN), Alhaji Ali Mohammed Rimin Dako has said that the association has commenced peace and unity  campaign between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in many parts of the African region.

He made the dislosure in an interview with our correspondent, where he assured that BILMPAN is seriously committed towards the promotion of peace and unity as well as loving one another between the two important sectors, adding that farmers and  Fulani herdsmen are important figures that stand for economic re-construction in every sector.

The president stressed that the current happenings between the herdsmen, farmers as  well as other rural and urban settlers must be controlled to ensure that everywhere is peacefull, where he said that his association is working day and night to see that all is well between the two sides on the African continent.

Alhaji Rimin Dako explained that BILMPAN was established to serve as the bridge builder between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers especially in Africa, where there is a large number of herdsmen who stroll between one country to another in search of  good grazing lands.

Commenting on the issue of grazing reserves, the national president called for the review and demarcations of cattle routes that cross the African nations in order to reduce misunderstandings between farmers and Fulani herdsmen who migrate from one side to the other, and assured that his association would continue to bring out more plans for peace between Fulani and other settlers to reign.

Alhaji Ali Rimin  Dako commended the BILMPAN African executives and the association’s presidents based in other African nations for joining hands together in promoting unity and progress of Fulani herdsmen accross the region.

He thanked  all Nigerian governors for  taking satisfactory measures whenever there is conflict either between the herdsmen and farmers or other sides.

In conclusion,  the BILMPAN national president praised the Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for the untiring support he usually renders to Fulani herdsmen in his state and called for the  establishment  of an agency that would run the affairs of the nomadic education in the state.


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