Flood Renders 500 Families In Wushishi, Shiroro Homelesss

A flooded portion in Asaba, the Delta State Capital.
Following the displacement of over 500 families from Gundu and Zungeru villages of Wushishi council area, Manta and Shatta villages in Shiroro, Kuta area as result of the release of water from the reservoir of Shiroro hydro power dam which caused massive flooding in the villages, the primary school at Gundun, the Zungeru Central Primary school and the Jefu Primary schools in Manta in Shiroro have been converted to emergency settler camp for the displaced persons.
They were rendered homeless as a result of the massive flooding of the communities even as hunger, poor hygienic conditions are threatening the new camps.
Local authorities have appealed for immediate governments assistance just as farmers affected have asked for remedial compensation from the Shiroro hydro power dam managers.
The Zungeru Central Primary School in Wushishi and the Jefu primary school in Manta area of Shiroro have been converted into temporary tesettlement camps where the state emergency management agency and the Wushishi and Shiroro council areas are taking care of the displaced persons.
Houses, farmlands and livestock worth millions of naira in value were washed away by the flood occassioned by the massive release of excess water from the Shiroro hydro electric dam.
Surrounding communities of the dam including Manta, Gurmana, Jiko, Jakwi and few others are now living in swams as flood water have taken over the communities.
The worst affected communities displaced by the flood are now quartered in Jefu primary school as pressure over livelihood bites harder amongst the persons living in the opened primary school without windows, mosquito nets and other pests.
The Zungeru Central Primary School is now serving as resettlement camp for the displaced persons from Gundu, Zungeru and Hayi areas of Wushishi local government area.
The new abode of the displaced communities chased away by flood following release of water from the Shiroro hydro electric dam are asking the state government to come to their aide.
Chairman of Wushishi Local Government Area, Bashir Umar Maishanu while commiserating with victims of the flood, appealed to the state and federal governments to send immediate assistance to the affected communities.


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