FCT Minister Vows to Make Abuja a Green City, Business Friendly …Partners ABF on change gardens, green parks

FCT Minister, Muhammad Bello


The Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Malam Muhammad Musa Bello, has promised to make Abuja, one of the greenest cities in the world and among the top in the ease of doing business.

Bello made this commitment on Friday when the delegation of Abuja Business Forum (ABF) led by Arch. Tunde Imolehin,  paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja to introduce the idea behind the forum.
To this end, the Minister said that the FCT Administration (FCTA), will partner with ABF to adopt a standard model for gardens and green  parks to enhance the quality of business and leisure facilities in the Nation’s Capital.
 “We will continue to support you (ABF) just as in the past  more specifically on the ‘change gardens’ concept because we have a lot of gardens and locations within the Federal Capital City (FCC) itself.  We really like to make it serve as a real model of what a garden should be and we will like to partner very closely with you in this respect you can be rest assured that is something we are going to do,” he said.
Bello said that one of the cardinal objectives and policies of “this administration is to be able to make the Nigeria business environment more user friendly”.
He said: “You know when this administration came in,  the position of Nigeria on the world ranking index on the ease of doing business was at a certain  level that really was not very reflective of our potentials as a nation and this administration through the Minister of Trade and Investment have tried to up the scale and to move us to at least by 20-points on that index and we are getting there.
“We have keyed into this concept and that is why abuja business forum is something that makes a lot of sense to us because it fits into our policy.we will work with you and see that it’s a reality.”
Speaking further, Bello tasked the  “Abuja Business Forum  to encourage investors to invest in mass housing in the city.
“For investors I think as part of what you will discuss during the forum is to let them know that there is housing deficit in respect of  lower income earner and middle income accommodation,” he added .
Earlier,  Imolehin noted that the vision of ABF is to put Abuja on the world map where it can compete favourably with any city in the world in terms of ease of doing business.
He said the  “aim is to create a mega city that can compete favourably  with any city in the world interms of the ease of doing business.
” The Abuja business forum is looking at  welcoming people on the ease of doing business in abuja has to improve to encourage people to invest in abuja because we are having an increase in population and people want to earn a living.we are going to create an environment for that”.
Imolehin who is the Founder of Change Vision Nigeria, spoke on the various components of the projects targeted at improving the quality of business and economy of FCT and Nigeria in general.
He said: “The change parks excite me most when change meets green. We are going to make sure that charity begins at home. We will start the change parks from abuja . We will create employment, generate sustainability  and also symbolise what we stand for which is positive change.
“On the the Change vision; it has 10 components, hich are: the change vision magazine, change tv,change radio,change police,face of change, change parks,community change,change events and activities,destinations of change,and change agents.”
Imolehin said that making FCT the first destination of choice is strategic as “Abuja is the window of Nigeria”.
“It is the centre of our unity and change and sustainable development is synonymous to this very warm and one of the fastest growing cities in Africa ” he said.


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