FCE Zaria Matriculates 1,517 Part Time NCE Students

Malam Adamu Adamu, Nigeria's Minister of Education


Federal College of Education (FCE) Zaria, has matriculated 1,517 part-time students into NCE (1) for the 2017/2018 Academic Session.


Speaking at the Matriculation ceremony, the college provost, Dr Ango Abdullahi Ladan said FCE Zaria a reputed teacher training Institution, students must be reminded of the need to watch their moral and savior behaviors.


He said as it is the tradition, matriculation is a ritual of initiating new students into the Academic and Social life of the college, which marks the beginning of their preparation for intellectual growth and development.


According to provost, the purpose of Teacher training College like FCE Zaria is to prepare fully qualified professional teachers who will cater in life help, prepare their own students not only to learn and pass examination, but to have respectable and acceptable lives in their communities.


The Provost said, it is for this reason that NCE is awarded not only for passing examination, but additionally for good behavior and exemplary conduct.


As such, the college abhors any form of display of anti-social behaviors, especially as it concerns examination malpractice, indecent dressing and unlawful associations as well the Drug Abuse Gang.


Dr Ladan advice the matriculating students to toe path of honor both within and outside the college as it enjoys a reputation for producing excellent teachers for the Nation.


While advising them to shun violence and criminality of any kinds, and to be mindful of the people the will interact with, to ensure their safety also to ensure that 75% attendance as it is a prerequisite for sitting examination to avoid exams malpractice.


The provost charged them to maintain cordial relationship with the members of the neighboring communities as well to behave modestly and amiably as respect the norms and traditions of the society.


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