El-Rufai Calls On Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellows To Be Dedicated As US Envoy Visits

Governor el-Rufai with IS Envoy at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House.


Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State on Wednesday called on the 16  Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship to be dedicated to their attachement in their various ministry’s as  part of their activities to develop the state.

The state Governor made this expression when   HE. David J. Young, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy Abuja who was in  Kaduna for the 2nd Edition of the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Programme, at Government House in Kaduna.

The state Governor said the government of Kaduna state initiated this program to work, learn and share experience,  ideas that will develop the state and across Nigeria.

El-Rufai said they are selected from all the state applications and 16 of them where selected and are attached to various ministry and department in the state, they have work tremendously to foresee on how different departments work, he said.

He further said,  their hope is that they will listen to local development events and learn to develop themselves in the areas of their fields.

He commends the US Ambassador  for his experience and good ambassador to the country, his experience and personal relationship has proved  a bound of friendship to the state.

In his remarks, The US Ambassador, David J. Young called on the Kashim Ibrahim Fellows to learn on leadership that focuses on the state and the country.

Young said, they are to empowered themselves on leadership principles, work with people perfectly to achieved their goals, carry them along to understand their various challenges and be realistic in whatever you are doing, he advised.

For you to achieved your visions you must listen to other people’s views, pay attention to what they say, there’s no way you can achieved your goals without the contributions of the people, he said.

He urged  the young leaders to work for the economic welfare of the people, empowering and educate them, respect them in a very profile way to secure a happy educative life in the state.

He appealed to them to study other countries to know more about their wellbeing, their progress in the areas of development.

He commends the state government for the good initiative to bring the young generation together in diverse ethnicity towards the development of the state and the country at large.

David J. Young  interacts  with the Kashim Ibrahim Fellows on personal experiences and leadership. While questions and answers was entertained towards the development of the state.


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