Dubai Based Specialist Decries Medical Tourism, High Rate Of Cancer Among Nigerians

Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole


A Dubai-based health specialist has decried the high rates of cancer and medical tourism among Nigerians.

Figures from World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that over 72,000 cancer patients die annually in the country due to lack of access to quality diagnosis and treatment, he stressed.

Dr. Rajeev Kaushal of Saudi-German Hospital in Dubai disclosed the information when he led the management team of his hospital to Nigeria for a partnership deal with West Africa Health-Care Company Ltd.

The partnership is for the establishment of a referral centre and 100-bed hospital in Abuja.

He said the hospital will not only be equipped with world-class facilities for the provision of safe and quality healthcare services, it will also help in curbing the spate of medical tourism by Nigerians.

He declared:  “The hospital we are proposing to build in collaboration with West Africa Health-Care Company Limited being promoted by His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, will have all the facilities needed for comprehensive treatment of most non-communicable diseases, especially cancer.”

Kaushal kicked against the high rate of medical tourism which Nigerians undergo.  He said:  “Though it is not possible to fully stop Nigerians from embarking on medical trips abroad, we can reduce the trend with the establishment of world-class hospital equipped with modern health facilities for diagnosis and treatment.”

He, therefore, urged Nigerians to maintain healthy lifestyle by eating balanced diet, exercising regularly, avoiding red meat and tobacco so as to prevent the possibility of having cancer.   


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