DICON, Liquid Bullet Sign MoU

By; ISAAC ODEH, Kaduna

The Chairman of the Liquid Bullet in Nigeria, a South African based company that engages in production of non lethal products, Major General Abubakar Gana said he was impressed to see that a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) and Liquid Bullet was eventually signed at the DICON Headquarters in Kaduna.


He said that the South Africa based group of companies had produced so non-lethal products has been itching to have a base in Nigeria but it has not been easy until recently when Major- General Ogunkale, the current Director-General of DICON came on board, adding that other nations have been wooing them to come and set up the industry in their countries. ’’But by hard work and painstaking efforts, we have been able to convince that Nigeria is very strategic in term of reaching a wider market within the continent of Africa. Presently, the 50 items the company produced are being exported to Europe and other nations within the Glob’’, he said.


He further said that as a patriotic Nigerian, he holds the interest of the nations at heart and the company having seen a ready leeway from the proposed Military industrial complex (MIC) under the administration of president Buhari decided to take a bold step to collaborate with DICON through robust partnership that would no doubt positively influence the future.

“We believe in transparency and we place Nigeria’s interest at the top as we partner with DICON. Liquid Bullet could decide to go solo, but since the company is into production of security products, it becomes imperative to partner with DICON in order to achieve an objective that will be lauded by generation after us’’, he said.

The chairman, however, said that when the Joint venture Agreement (JVA) must have been fully consummated, new equipment would be brought to Nigeria, having been passionate about the industrial growth of the nation, adding that training the trainers programme as well as technology, transfer would also be part of the JVA.

‘’The best security any nation could think of is to provide for the welfare of the people, security should not just be seen from physical realm but from the realm of economic and social wellbeing. So, for us as a group, we are determined to eliminate the economic low ebb of Nigerians because when the company is fully established, no less than two thousand people will be employed which will in turn have positive spiral effect in terms of security situation in Nigeria while many families well-being will be enhanced still on the patriotism as one of the factors driving the company, General-Gana said that the principle of most industrialized nations before they could stand on their own was to look inward to improve on what they have and to look outward to see better things they could bring in and with this principle that company identified some things from the outside world and we are making fantastic effort to import them in to add value to what they have .He noted with dismay that during the civil war when the nations was in dire need of hardware, some developed nations could not come to assist the nations saying that some scenario played out when Boko Haram issue cropped up as the nation was again disappointed by some countries, She was looking up to for help. When liquid bullet TVA with DICON fully materialized, we shall train manpower for technology to reduce dependent on nations who have consistently disappointed us when we are dire need” he added

Responding, the Director General of DICON Major-General Bamidele Ogunkale expressed satisfaction with the MOU between the DICON and liquid Bullets, adding that he was optimistic that the JAV will come to fruition soonest pointing out that General Gana is highly respected within and outside the military circle for his integrity and would not compromise in terms of standard when the industry is eventually established.





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