David Mark Calls For Restructuring

Senator David Mark


A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Presidential aspirant, Senator David Mark, has joined many Nigerians to call on President Muhammadu Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress (APC), to as a matter of urgency move for the restructuring of the country.

He said he believes in the idea of restructuring, noting that though the process of restructuring would have to come in stages.

Mark, who spoke Thursday to PDP delegates in the Unity Hall government house, Asaba said: “First of all, there is constitutional aspect of it; the situation of additional states is also a part of restructuring. We cannot restructure unless we have a proper constitutional amendment, once we decide on the priority which would go along with the people who are involved we should be able to carry out the process”.

He lamented that the problems facing the country at this point are numerous, of which the current leadership has failed to deal with since it came into power.

“When they came with their change agenda, we entered but now we know we entered the wrong bus. I have the capacity to stop the bus before it goes any further”, stressing that for the country to witness drastic improvement in its economy a lot of adjustments would be needed.

On his credentials, he said, “I believe I have the experience and I understand the problems of this country but most importantly I have the capacity to tackle the problem head-on”, he stated.

He added that he would support any candidate who emerges as flag bearer of the party in the Presidential primaries.

In his remarks, the state governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, praised Mark, referring to him as a true leader just as he described the former Senate President as a man who has a lot of capacity as seen during his 8 years as the Senate President.

Though, he emphasized that he cannot force any delegate to choose any party aspirant as he is part of the National Working Committee (NWC) that would be in charge of the Presidential primaries slated to hold in October.

“The decision is going to be for the delegates, as I will have no voting rights. We are expected to be very neutral, I was in Abuja last week and we have promised neutrality and a free and fair primaries in PDP”, he asserted.


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