Campaign For Democracy Calls For IGPs Sack

IGP Ibrahim Kpotun-Idris
The General Secretary, Campaign for Democracy (CD), Comrade Ifeanyi Odili has called on the Federal Government to relieve the Inspector General of Police, (IGP) Ibrahim Idris of his post with immediate effect following his inability to  read an address.
Comrade Odili in a statement which was made available to Journalists in Akure described the IGP  as unfit to man a public office as earlier alleged by the Upper chamber of the legislative arm.
The CD scribe said, without any apology to any one, the IGP is a public disgrace who should not be sent to represent Nigeria in the comity of nations.
According to him. “it is appalling, shameful and display of mediocrity for the IGP for his inability to read a prepared speech before the whole world in Kano”.
 This action, he said,  has really justified the Senate claim that he is actually not fit to lead an institution like Nigerian police.
Comrade Odili how ever  blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing a less educated and unqualified characters into his administration all in the name of tribalism and nepotism which, today is evidently on the rise.
He noted that the National Assembly is not spared in this blame, recalling since that The IGP passed through screening before it, how then did he sail through with all his mediocrity and illiteracy?
The Senate is therefore called upon and admonished to ensure that only people who are highly cerebral sail through senate screening in future appointments.
In addition, CD called the Federal Government to sack the EFCC chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu for his gross misconduct and abuse of office privilege and paraphernalia for wearing campaign lapel of President Muammadu Buhari, as such conduct is a dent on Nigeria’s democracy.
” It is also a military mentality, last seen during Abacha’s transformation agenda before the Army General met his untimely and rough death”, the statement read.
“We also warned President Buhari not to drag the nation back by his military style of administration. It is evidently cleared that attempt is ongoing to kill some perceived oppositions using government machineries to cook up trump up, and phantom criminal charges against them”.
This he said, will not only cost him his second term ambition but it is capable of rubbishing our hard earned democracy if not put on check as one of the lubricants and ethos of democracy is opposition and constructive criticism. The moment this is lacking, it is no longer democracy but dictatorship and authoritarianism.


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