Being Kaduna State Governor Not An Easy Task – el-Rufai

Governor el-Rufai at the Kaduna Peace Summit


Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State on Wednesday  told all aspiring to be governor of the state,  that it is not an easy job but need handwork to succeed.

The governor stated this at  a Peace Summit themed ‘Towards Peaceful 2019 General Elections’ organized by the Kaduna State Peace Commission, Development and Peace Initiative, United State Institute of Peace, Nigerian Bar Association and the Nigerian Union of Journalists.

El-Rufai  said elections and campaigns in Kaduna State are visually peaceful, “it is after  the announcement of results of the elections that violence come in,” he said.

He said, as a Governor, he has been monitoring elections in all parts of the world and Osun State elections has shown a peaceful election, as elections materials was at the poll on time, he assured the state that if INEC would led the 2019 general elections as it was led in osun state they would  be no violence and the election will credible.

According to him, it is the rigging of elections that lead to violence as many lives will be lost at the process.

He stressed that politics is not a do or die affair, and politics should not be used to divide the state as the state government is determined to bring to justice anyone who is alsoinvolved in causing chaos in the state.

He urged the people to be law abiding  and care for one another, and the entire state, saying they should strictly  adhere to their religious leaders to preach peace towards the progress of the state.

He called on the politicians to imbibe peace and shun sentiments and political interests as violence will not bring progress to the state, but setbacks.

Elrufai appealed to the residents of the state to be peace ambassadors and pray for a peaceful election comes 2019  while commending the Peace Commission Development and Peace  Initiative  for the roles  they have played  towards ensuring that peace is  sustained in the state.


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