Bauchi Media Dialogue Participants Call For Reportage On Education

Participants of the just concluded training on ethical reporting/media dialogue on child survival, development and protection in Bauchi rose up from the meeting with a challenge on them to improve reportage in the education sector, particularly in public schools in the North East sub-region using their respective platforms.
A communique at the end of the meeting also called on the participants to always report best practices, human interest stories and achievements recorded in child survival interventions, in addition to studying and understanding the concepts and issues that define the child to enhance their reports.
It similarly want media practitioners particularly in the five UNICEF supported states to carry out advocacy journalism targeted an government and policy makers towards improving hand washing activities in schools, workplaces and markets.
Participants also urged journalists in the country to advocate the domestication and implementation of the Child Rights Act to provide legal framework for the protection of children and their welfare.
The communique want participants utilise the training and experience gained from the workshop to improve on their reportage on children’s issues.


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