APC Has Brought Peace, Progress To Kaduna State – el-Rufai

Governor el-Rufai, other party stalwarts flagging of APC LG Polls campaign.


Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State, on Friday said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has delivered the message of peace and progress in the state.

The Governor expressed this at the  APC Kaduna State Local Government Council Election 2018 campaign flag-off held in Kaduna.

According to him, they have rehabilitated primary schools, improved the feeding of boarders, renovated secondary schools, upgraded primary health centres, built township and rural feeder roads in the state.

He added that, they  have created jobs, brought huge foreign investment and restored respect for ordinary people among others.

The Governor described that none of the three senatorial zones has less than 300 completed or ongoing core projects in Education, Health, Roads and Water sectors, he said.

Elrufai, explained that, they  are doing at least 1293 projects across the state. In each of the two full budget years they have had, 2016 and 2017, their government has spent more than N60bn on schools, hospitals, roads and water projects.

Speaking further, he said they  are campaigning for the people of Kaduna State to continue to entrust the 23 local government councils to the party that has changed their fortunes for the better, he stressed.

Furthermore, by changing the laws, and removing their excess personnel burdens, all of our 23 local government councils are now solvent, able to pay their own staff and still have enough funds left to delivers services and projects. The councils have been set free of years of bankruptcy.

The Governor explained that they  are doing these in a season of economic challenges. But the PDP that ruled for 16 years of high oil prices left most of the schools in poir shape, without desks, chairs, water, doors or roofs, he added.

The state government under the APC has introducing electronic voting machine, this government is affirming its democratic credentials, a firm belief that people’s vote must count.

He disclosed that, they have made the most significant investment ever to promote electoral integrity and transparency in Nigeria. The local government elections will be the first ever in Nigeria conducted by electronic voting, he said.

The APC is seeking your support to run the 23 local government councils because its government has invested heavily to make life better in the grassroots. Their projects are visible in all the 23 local government areas, the Governor emphasized.

He said, they inherited a system where many of our local government councils were so over-bloated that at least eight of them could not pay salaries without state government support. That system was so perverse that funds were illegally squeezed from solvent councils to pay other councils.

He said the state has achieved success through the Treasury Single Account (TSA) they consolidated in a CBN  account almost N25bn of state funds scattered in more than 470 accounts in commercial banks. They introduced zero-based budgeting, enabling them to realise unprecedented levels of capital spending in the state.

The APC government of Kaduna State has spent the last three years doing precisely what it was elected to do. They have implemented state-wide reforms, imposing discipline on state finances.

They inherited a system where many of the local government councils were so over-bloated that at least eight of them could not pay salaries without state government support. That system was so perverse that funds were illegally squeezed from solvent councils to pay other councils, he added.

In a separate remarks, the National Chairman of APC,  Chief John Odigie Oyegun urged the residents in the state to vote for all the aspirants chairman of the 23 local government.

He commended on the progress of the All Progressive Congress of the state and call on the party to let unity and progress be their watchword.

The Acting Chairman of the Kaduna APC, Shuaibu Idris, assured the National Chairman that the APC will convincingly win the local government elections come 2019.

He urged everyone not to place an abusing words on their leaders rather prayed for the peace and unity of the state and  commit themselves to God to grant them success in the coming election.

The distribution of the party flags off to all the chairmanship candidates of the state of  the  23 local government was done by the National Chairman, Chief Chief John Odigie Oyegun.

The atmosphere was conducive, the security personnel were available to prevent any ugly situation. The campaign flag-off was successful.


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