Alleviate Sufferings Of Nigerians, Ex LG Boss Begs Govt



Cries of poverty and lack has become the order of the day, Nigerians are walloping in fear of tomorrow because of the denied expectations of the unknown.

This revelation was made known by the former chairman of Oredo Local Government Area, Mr. Igbinosa Gabriel in a chat with the New Nigerian in Kaduna.

According to him, it has become imperative that the ruling government should come to the rescue of the led in  alleviating the sufferings of the masses.

“This administration should know that the people are facing hardship and as matter of fact Nigeria has never this bad. Pension is not been paid and helpers are exhausted.”

In his view, Mr. Radiance Amorin, thinks the country needs a leader with an agenda that will encourage greater levels of investments, and take the country the another height of development.

In his opinion, good governance is a collective responsibility of any administration, and as such should not be denied of the people.

“It is a problem when people are not fed back, their rights and privileges, this breeds bad blood and confusion. Government shouldn’t promise what they can not deliver.”

Mr. Gabriel Ojile of New Age Network a post production outfit based in Kaduna, is of the take that the country is in a state of disarray, because the country lacks true leadership.

He believes that what will work and guide the nation is a leader with a vision.

“The country has no leader to take it to the next level. This present administration didn’t believe it will come to power and, so had no agenda.”


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