Ahmed Tijjani Umar Joins Governorship Race In Kaduna State

Ahmed Tijjani Umar

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

An All Grassroots Alliance (AGA), governorship aspirant in Kaduna State, Alhaji Ahmed Tijjani Umar has said that he is in the governorship race to salvage the state from its present predicament.

Alhaji Ahmed, who is in the construction industry and a developer while speaking to newsmen in Kaduna said the present situation in the state calls for people of like minds to rescue the state from total collapse by restoring it to its past glory.

He said, “For years, the youths have been calling on me to come out and contest the governorship of the state, to me, God’s time is the best. This time around, they came out in their numbers from different parts of the state urging me to run for the 2019 general elections as the governor of the state.

“I have no choice but to adhere to the clarion call of my people and render my selfless service to ensure sanity, peace, unity and development of the state.

“I have accepted the call of my people and agreed to lead the fight towards the restoration of unity, norms and values that the great people of Kaduna State are known for in years past. A society where people live together as a family irrespective of tribe, religion or any different of any sort.

“Insecurity has become the order of the day in the state that all such of atrocities are heard of in every part of the state without any concrete step taken to bring an end to what the people are going through. Decisive steps will be taken under my watch to bring an end to the ugly situation if elected.

“Agriculture, the main stay of the people’s economy will be given serious attention with every part of the state with a peculiar crop(s) it is known for. This will be done by providing the necessary incentives needed to encourage farmers with the needed farm inputs to ensure bomber harvest in the state.

“In the educational sector, stakeholders and resource persons will be given a level playing ground to bring out the best policy(s) needed to take it to international standard.

“The health sector will be improved upon by encouraging medical practitioners with all the necessary incentives to give in their best with improved infrastructure, qualitative equipment, affordable and accessible health facilities that will be a pace setter for other states to follow.”

He assured that traditional rulers and religious leaders would be given their rightful place in the state to continue with their roles of ensuring sanity and peaceful coexistence among the diverse people of the state.


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