92% Of Nigerian Students Have No Career Guidance – CLEDA AFRICA

Malam Adamu Adamu, Nigeria's Minister of Education
Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of a person’s life as report has shown that 92 per cent of students do not receive effective career related guidance from their schools, which leaves them without the right information to plan their career path.
The Next Generation Mentorship Project is a signature effort of Centre for Learning and Educational Development Advocacy (CLEDA Africa) its aimed at helop teenagers in Nigerian secondary schools to identify and follow their career path and lead transformational change in their chosen profession
 An investigation revealed  that one  in five students are unhappy with the course they have chosen to study.
Also lack of a functional, effective and efficient guidance and counseling services in schools, students makes career choices which made their lives regrettable and frustrating as well rendered them unproductive, depressed, bored.
These factors may lead them in to social vices which engaged them in substance abuse, crimes to mentioned but a few.
“Therefore as Frederic Douglass has opined, we believe “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”.
Taking a preventive rather than a curative approach, this project is focused on helping teenagers in Nigerian Secondary Schools to identify and follow their career paths and lead transformational change in their chosen profession.
The Zaria class of 2018 has Inspired and empowered young leaders who are leading transformational change in their chosen professions.
To inspired and equip young leaders to be able to take well informed leadership and career decisions and engage civically for community and national development as agents of transformational change.
To provide a platform where the next generation of leaders can find their career path, build their leadership skill and be mentored.
“To provide students with opportunities to build their self esteem and learn life skills through role play and networking session”.
The next generation mentorship project is targeting teenagers and youths aged 13-18years who are in their Senior Secondary School.
300 students from 30 different schools, 10 from each schools will be selected, who have demonstrated leadership qualities, a passion for community, in addition to academic excellence.
A four  weeks career talks/mentorship and leadership development training will
Strategies and identify 30 participating schools with 10 student leaders (Prefects) from the selected schools
Identify 30 mentors from the Department of Guidance and Counseling, Federal College of Education Zaria, Ahmadu Bello University, Youth networks in Kaduna State (YALI Network) amongst others will Conduct the capacity building training for mentors to deliver the leadership training and career mentor.
At the inception of the project, a pre-test survey will be carried out to determine a baseline of the student delegates.


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