2019: Persons With Disability Endorse Kaduna Central Senatorial Aspirant

Honourable Usman Ibrahim presenting a piece of wrapper to a woman with disability in Kaduna.
As politicking for the 2019 general election begins, the coalition of oeople with disabilities in Kaduna State have jointly endorsed the candidacy of Hon. Usman Ibrahim for the Kaduna Central Senatorial seat come 2019.
The group made the disclosure while addressing newsmen at its camp on Kano Road.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Chairman, Association of Physically Challenged Persons, Rildwan Muhammed explained that Hon. Usman Ibrahim has continuously among other politicians, given back to the less privileged.

“We are embracing him as our son because he is a junior brother to one of our own, so it is mandatory for all persons with disability in Kaduna State to embrace him.
” Apart from being our son, he is the only politician that has identified with us.
” He is a man of the downtrodden who always cares for the less privileged  in the society.
” For him to have realised the importance of the persons living with disability in the political movement, then it is also important for us to embrace him and give hm our maximum support for the senatorial seat.
“For some time now, he has been assisting us,  If he became Senator, definitely he will represent us well”.
Meanwhile, Sardauna Badarawa Youth and Women Foundation  in its gesture donated 50 wrappers of clothes to the group.
Speaking to Journalists, founder of the foundation, Hon. Usman Ibrahim said that the priority of the foundation is to cater for the less privileged ones.
According to him, ” this is something that I have been doing for long and nothing will stop me from giving back to the society especially the less privileged ones like this.
“They are my people and i will continue to associate myself with them either I am holding a political office or not”.



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