2019: Kajuru, Chikun LGAs Stand Still As Sardauna Badarawa Tours

Supporters of Sardauna Badarawa while on tour of Chikun and Kajuru LGAs.


It was a convergence of old and young men and women who trooped out en-masse to receive Kaduna Central Senatorial aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Usman Ibrahim as he kicked off his political tour beginning with Kajuru and Chikun local government areas.

In Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna Central Zone, it took the intervention of a combined team of the Police and Civil Defence personnel who had a difficult time controlling the crowd of supporters who received him from 10-kilometers en-route the Kajuru’s Primary school venue of the gathering carrying banners of various sizes with different slogans showing support for the Senatorial aspirant who pledged to  touch the lives of people at the grassroots if elected their senator in 2019 general elections.

“The time is now to change the status quo of how our politicians would promise the electorate heaven on earth during campaigns but renege on their pledges after they are elected. This style of leadership is responsible for our stagnation in development.

“This and many other anomalies in our politics today are my motivations for coming out to contest as a legislator who is the closest to the people among the three arms of government.

“I will effectively perform my oversight functions by being the constant watch-dog on the executives by making sure the right bills are passed into laws, bills that would transform the lives of our people in positive ways”. Mr. Ibrahim said.

While addressing supporters of both Kajuru and Chikun local governments arenas, the Senatorial hopeful challenged them to put the long term interests of their people above personal interests which he said was a step in the right direction towards achieving greatness.

He solicited their votes at the party primaries slated to take place at the end of September.

Responding on behalf of APC Supporters in Kajuru, Mr. Musa Jinjiri said people of Kajuru had decided to support Usman Ibrahim because they saw in him attributes of a good leader whose antecedents as a former interim chairman of Kaduna North he empowered youth and women turning them useful members of the society.

In Chikun Local Government, party faithful pledged to vote and mobilize their people particularly APC delegates to cast their votes for Sardauna who they said has shown through his deeds that he could be trusted to deliver dividends of democracy to the people at the grass roots who they said should be the primary concern of elected office holders.



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